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Software development is a deeply technical operation. The ‘in-house’ software development requires time, specialized people and expensive software and equipment.

‘Offshore’ software development is an efficient financial alternative. For ‘in house’ development Resources Lion supplied software services in offshore regime for companies all over the world using Romanian development center as a source.

‘Outsourcing’ and ‘offshore’ programming offered by Resources Lion guarantees client’s intellectual property, software and development specifications property on a high level of security. The clients own the entirely intellectual property and the source code once the project is finished.


‘Offshore’ software development means flexibility. When you have a very large project and a very short time of execution, you can use ‘offshore’ programming for limiting the number of personel and administrative support. Resources Lion allows you to double the software developers you have access to and besides that we are at a one phone distance.

Financial benefits

For new companies, the ‘offshore’ software development can be fantastic, for allowing the financing process of so called “venture capital”. The ‘offshore’ development costs are lower than hiring, for example, specialized personnel to fit the system. Our experience with international clients gives us the confidence that we will provide the best possible quality with low costs every time!

The independence

‘Offshore’ development offers another major advantage: the independence. Most suppliers and software investors can not conduct through themselves analyses over competition products.

Resources Lion not just that supplies the development work but can also achieve software developed by the competition for evaluating purposes for its clients. This facility allow us to ask questions without exposing the client’s identity.

As a programming base fully operational in Romania, Resources Lion services include Vision, Planning, Quick development, Testing, Distribution and management for IT division / Personalized IT Requests / Products or relational applications. These services of ‘outsourcing software’ include software and development consulting, as well as support, maintaining and updating.